Investigate the inhumane lathicharge case from Jaibhimnagar Powai, Mumbai encroachment through SIT and rehabilitate those citizens

Jul 2, 2024 - 15:25
Investigate the inhumane lathicharge case from Jaibhimnagar Powai, Mumbai encroachment through SIT and rehabilitate those citizens

Ambedkarwadi Bahujan Vikas Samiti's statement to Chief Minister through Divisional Commissioner

Nitin Dabhade :- Regarding the above important issue, a public statement was given to the Chief Minister through the Divisional Commissioner today on behalf of the All Party Ambedkarist Organization and Ambedkarist Bahujan Development Committee that a few days ago, Jaibhimnagar, a settlement of Buddhist Samajbandhawa located in Powai Mumbai for many years, has been cleared by the Mumbai Municipal Encroachment Department for about 600 people during monsoons. Houses have been demolished, leaving thousands of citizens homeless. Also, this colony is many years ago, without giving any kind of advance/notice to the said citizens from the municipality administration, holding hands with the police administration and keeping eyes on the strategic guarantee of this colony for many years, the casteist Hiranandani builder's mercenary thugs etc.,It is illegal to take this action out of caste hatred to brutally kill the citizens.

After this, the local political leaders and the police administration joined hands and brutally lathicharged and beat up the poor local citizens. Serious crimes have been registered against them.

Government decisions have been made to regularize pre-2001 slums. Or if there are obstacles in the road during urban development, the rehabilitation of the citizens is done by the government. But since Yathikani has been a colony of Buddhist brothers for many years and since Tolejang buildings of Hiranandani Builders are standing on all four sides of this colony, this action has been taken with the administration hand in hand due to caste hatred. The following demands were made in the statement

1) SIT should be established in this case to investigate the inhuman lathi-charge beating,

2) The property of Hiranandani Builders, a communal construction professional, should be investigated.

3) In the present case, the municipal officials who broke open the houses of poor citizens without giving any kind of notice should be immediately suspended.

4) In the present case, the police officers who inhumanely beat up the poor hardworking Dalit citizens, women, children, elderly people along with the mercenary thugs of Hiranandani Builders should be immediately suspended.

5) The false cases filed against the poor victim citizens in the present case should be withdrawn immediately.

6) The Jaibhim Nagar Colony which was demolished in the present case should be resettled in the same place and houses should be built for them by the Government and they should be rehabilitated.

If not, this government does not belong to the poor Dalit deprived workers but to the capitalists..? The citizens of the entire country will have this understanding, so the above demands should be accepted as soon as possible and justice should be given to the victims in the said case, otherwise, a grand march will be taken against the Mumbai Ministry by democratic means, along with the entire Bahujan community. It should be noted that this warning has been given to the administration on behalf of the Ambedkar-based Bahujan Development Committee. This time Deepak Nikalje, Arvind Kamble, Mukesh Khotkar, Sachin Jogdande, Santosh Chavan, Anand Borde, Deepak Gawli, Siddharth Suryavanshi, Nitin Nikalje, Siddharth Jadhav, Anami More, Trisharan Gaikwad, Idris Pathan, Kishore Bhole, Rahul Salve, Babasaheb Jadhav, Ajmat Bhai, Nitin Bhagat, Salman Bhai, Nitin Jadhav, Sushil Karande, Yogesh Sonwane and a large number of Bhim Sainiks were present.